Community Renewable Energy Supply (CRES) is Irelands first Community Owned Licenced Supply Company. We sell and purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources which includes both wind and hydro projects. We are working with a number of communities throughout the island of Ireland who are actively engaged in creating sustainable energy futures for their local communities.

CRES was established as part of the Templederry Wind Farm development in County Tipperary. In November 2012, this 4.6 MW wind farm located on the foothills of Slieve Felim became the first community owned wind farm to connect to the National Grid. Since then the wind farm has been selling renewable electricity for the benefit of its members and is now producing approximately 15GWh per annum of green electricity which is enough to power 3,500 houses or the equivalent of the local town of Nenagh.

In early 2016 CRES began supplying renewable electricity to local residents in Templederry and the surrounding area. CRES has since developed its’ customer base and is now supplying electricity to community owned & managed facilities, the farming community and range of commercial businesses across Tipperary. We are continuing to expand and build our customer base in cooperation with local communities, SME’s and Local Authorities throughout the island of Ireland.

We Supply Electricity

We supply electricity to Community Owned and Managed facilities, Commercial Businesses , SME’s and Local Authorities throughout the island of Ireland. If you are interested in becoming a Customer of CRES please click here.



We Purchase Renewable Electricity
We provide the opportunity for viable small to medium sized electricity generators to trade on the Single Electricity Market (SEM). All surplus electricity which they do not use themselves can be sold into the electricity market through CRES. We do this by entering into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the electricity generator.
CRES is one of a small number of licensed suppliers who can provide a PPA to generators. If you are interested in Selling your surplus electricity through CRES please click here